Three big brands in Paris

Imagine three big brands with worldwide reputation gathered at one place.

Firstly, let's start with this: Ads with Jude Law always distract me. And it is very dangerous for me (and for other pedestrians and drivers), if the ads are located at the streets as billboards, or exposed on the shop windows. ;)

So now I feel really oblidged to warn all the Jude Law's fans that soon there will be a Dior TV ad, directed by Guy Ritchie and with the participation of Jude Law. 

Dior. Guy Ritchie. Jude Law. 

This TV ad will have WOW-effect, I suppose.

Actually, this week the ad is being filmed near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The new video ad is going to promote a new Dior fragrance. 

You may check out these video ads directed by Guy Ritchie and see the new modern concept: Big brands sale ideas and lifestyles, not only products. 

I should admit that I'm really interested in the video ad because of the combination of the team working on it. It just sounds promising and intriguing.

What's more, Law-Ritchie team seems to be successful considering "Sherlock Holmes" movie (2009).

In addition, Jude Law has already participated in Dior printed ad campaigns from the last 2 years .


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