Let me tell you about me...

It's pleasure to introduce myself but first of all I want to thank for the interest. As you already know from my blog's name, I am Petya N. Georgieva. 

What may be interesting for you to know is that I am from Bulgaria (a country in the South-Eastern Europe). I am working in the field of Public Relations (already for two and a half years) and I love my job. I have studied Public Relations in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and in Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. 

I would describe myself as a PR specialist who is in love with life and extremely interested in communications, advertising, psychology, writing, reading, traveling and exploring the world around me. 

Or just in short, I find myself pretty positive and enthusiastic, full of energy and ideas that I want to share exactly with you. 

I will be looking forward for your feedbacks because other's opinion is always good to be heard and known. 

Hope you find interesting topics in my blog! Welcome and enjoy it!

Petya N. Georgieva


  • Здравей Петя :)))
    Поздравявам те за свежите ти идеи и писания в блога. Много ме впечатлиха. Затова добавям сайта ти в блогрола с моите партньори.
    Желая ти хубав и ползотворен ден!

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