Your Heineken

I absolutely agree with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who says: "If you focus on what customers want and build a relationship, they will allow you to make money". In this sense I want to show you a nice way of building a relationship between a brand and its consumers. 

Your Heineken is an option to buy 6 personalized bottles of Heineken which are designed by you. Everybody can create own bottle of beer according to what they like and prefer and may choose between several main categories of bottles design, such as: party, summer, sport, triumph, celebration, etc. You can design your own bottle by changing its color and background and adding a photo or text. 

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4 Ways to Get Inspired

Change is always a good chance to run away from the routine which is exhausting our creativity.

New experience provides new information and impressions which are very fruitful for generating new ideas. 

Recently I have discovered several ways which help me to seek inspiration. 

Here are just several examples which can easily affect your ideas productivity. 

I hope they may work for you too

On the other hand, I will be grateful, if you share some other inspiring activities which can refresh our thinking boxes with new ways of generating creativity. 

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Viral Oil Spill

In order to be creative you need to activate, surprise, scare or provoke already existing associations in people's mind.

And here is one very catchy idea promoting A Cleaner Future and making us wonder what we will leave for the next generations. In the context of the BP oil spill, the agency Mark & Phil (believing in their mantra "Do Good, Create Meaning") in cooperation with the award winning multimedia postproduction house Greener Media (based in New York) created a viral video with the aim to "encourage people to find out more about clean energy sources", Advertising Age writes

The idea is really outstanding. With the aim to provoke people's attention and interest to learn more about an important topic, the viral video shows web pages being contaminated by the thick oil spill. 

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