How to Create Sticky Ideas?

I have always craved for a magical formula for creating gooooood ideas. 

It occurred that there is a real formula which is pretty useful and very helpful. You just need to know 6 essential principles for creating the best idea which will catch the attention and will be remembered. And thanks to Chip & Dan Heath I discovered 6 life-saving navigators which are the perfect guide when you are out of creativity.  

SUCCESs – this is the name of the precious formula which consists of 6 principles which should be followed in order to generate fantastic ideas. 

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Andy Green: Interactivity Provides More Opportunities for PR People

Andy Green: "Curiosity Develops Our Creativity"

Andy Green is author, international conference speaker, trainer, facilitator, and Brand PR consultant who was the guest speaker during the Creativity Days (check out what I have already written about it). Andy Green is an expert on flexible thinking, creativity, and communications and lectures around the world on these subjects. I am glad that I had  the opportunity to ask Andy Green several questions in the contex of these topics. Here is a short interview with him about creativity, current tendencies in PR and personal brandcasting:
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Creativity Matters | Creativity Days 2010 with Andy Green

As a woman I worry a lot. That's why I find this so true and so inspiring:
We are all good at worrying and creating different scenarious in negative mood in our minds. This means we are all good in creativology*.  
That was one of the main ideas presented by Andy Green during the Arena of Creativity

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Absolut Survivor!

This is my current phone wallpaper! Because I dream about the beach and the sea and the sun and ...

And I love this ad! I'm gonna feel like an absolute survivor when I finish with all the exams and the final dissertation... :) 

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How to Keep Current in PR?

Self-preparation is vital if you aim to be a good PR professional. And nowadays we can learn a lot if we know how to use proper sources of information. 

That's why I want to share with you something very helpful. I found this very useful article summing up the best we can do in order to keep informed in the field of Public Relations. I am sure that if we follow these practices we can obtain fruitful and topical information and knowledge which are of extreme importance for the work of PR specialists. 

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Wrangler: Clothes off

Wrangler creatively presents its Blue Bell Jeans spring / summer 2010 collection with a new website which is produced by the Swedish interactive agency Kokokaka

The catalog is interactive and you can undress a model or pull him around with a simple drag of the mouse. It allows the visitors to interact  with the model while previewing the clothing in action. The site also provides soundtrack and video clip of the best scenes.

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Creativity Inspires

I need a dose of inspiration. And a dose of creativity, please! 

And when feeling loss of creativity and inspiration, I just love to look for out-standing ads... Here's what I found today. Pretty good...

These two print ads are released this month.

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