"Home Sweet Home"

I found these two lovely print advertisements and wanted to share them with you. 

I think that's a nice way to promote the properties you sell: you do not just sell houses and apartments, but you sell the Home concept. That will be quite attractive for all kind of buyers because everybody is looking sooner or later for his/her own ideal place which will be called Home. The emotional power especially of the first ad is strong. The idea about "moving together" somewhere is the first step of building a home together.

Then I checked some info about the Barratt Homes and it occurred that the company's concept is that Barratt Homes is not just a housing developer, but a company that builds homes.

From Barratt Homes say: "At every stage of the process; from designing and planning to the final finishing touches, we keep in mind the emotional and practical priorities of the people who will be living in our properties." 

Well, for sure these ideas can be found and experienced in the print ads which is a good example for successful integration of the corporate idea into the advertising concepts. 

Picture: http://www.ilhn.com/


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