Confessions of a Dissertation Writer

If you wonder why I am not so actively blogging these days, I just want to apologize. Blame my final dissertation - it is taking almost all of me. But I should admit that even though it is hard and time consuming, I am really into it. And according to me it will be worthy. Because the more I dig into the topic, the more I am interested in it. 

I am writing about the storytelling as persuading tool in communications and in particular in the public relations. And during the several months (up to now) of my constant work, I have found really curious facts that worth discussing. So I promise soon to write about some of the most interesting aspects of the storytelling and its underestimated power. 
I will also share with you more about the human behavior and the processes of getting information and making decisions. 

Let's say: Recently it occurred to me that it is really sensible to write your final dissertation and it may be really helpful for your work. :) [Of course, this is valid in cases when you study and work in the same field and when you have chosen an interesting and provocative topic of your dissertation.]

  Working atmosphere :)

Some of the useful sources of information :)


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