The Cat Promoter

Do you believe that a cat can promote your product worldwide?

Well, that's just what happened these days. A cute video of a sweet cat playing with an iPad was released in YouTube. And just for several days it reached at least to 3,031,527 people. I am sure it helped a lot for the popularization of the new Apple gadget. 

And I am sure that this is the new model of integrated marketing communications.

Yes, it is unknown whether the cute video of the cat exploring the new iPad was planned to be shot and distributed in internet or not. Actually, the answer is not important at all, because the video occurred to be a great way to advertise the new Apple product. 

In my opinion, this is a creative and successful way to present your new product and show that it is easy to work with it. And of course this is a nice way to show off with some of its functions in order to wow the public. What's more, videos with animals are always fun and somehow they have great effect on the viewers. And all of them have fun with this video in particular, for sure.

What's more, the most famous "OMG cat" in the internet was included in a video of Steve Jobs' presentation of the iPad. This is also cool. Watch it. And have fun! :)


  • Milichka bravo.... mnogo mi haresva statiqta i tova che e na angliiski... taka sus sigurnost shte dostignesh do mnogoooooo po-golqma auditioria. Dovolen! :))) X

  • хехехе и аз съм много по-доволна, когато пиша в блога на английски, има по-голям потенциал ;)) X

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