University Guerrilla marketing

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL) - the Dutch university, at which I was an exchange student, opened its new building on 4th of January 2010. The new building is huge, beautiful, modern, with lots of facilities and etc. 

Next to the "new home" of the university is located another university - Stenden University. And they impressed me with their interesting action on the third day of the opening of the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden's new building. 

What they did is a typical successful example of Guerrilla Marketing. They located their students with T-shirts of Stenden in front of NHL's entrance and they welcomed everybody with a cup of hot chocolate and oliebollen (typical Dutch pastry similar to a doughnut). The intriguing thing is about the cups of the hot chocolate which were not plastic for one use only but normal cups (for coffee) with the logo of Stenden and with this sentense: 

Welcome New Neighbours! 

So now it is very easy to see cups of Steden University in NHL. 

The guesture of the "gifts for the neighbour" is very sweet and nice but also pretty clever, tricky and sneezy. Very creative: It's just self-promotion in the competitor's territory.



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