Feedback => Reaction

I wanted to download the new Edelman's report called "10o10" which points out the new 10 tendencies of the new 2010 year. It caught my attention when I saw a link in Facebook and afterwards I checked it on the website of Edelman. It looked totally catchy and interestingly written.

But it occurred that there was some problem with the downloading  - the file couldn't open. After trying several times, I just decided to say about the problem so that it will be solved and those who are interested will get the file without problems. Just after writing a comment on Facebook, I immediately received quick personal answer from a Marketing specialist from Edelman telling me I can get the file by e-mail.

Well, I want to share with you that I was amazed and surprised because of this fast reaction. This is an example of good business practice and this is really how it should be done if you care about what you do. No matter in what field we work, we should take into consideration the feedback from our different publics.

Here is a simple explanation of the widely-used term feedback. According to Corporate Communication Worldwide (M. Herle, C. Rustema): "After a message is sent to the receiver, the receiver will often give a response to the message. After that, the sender may reply again. Both responses are called feedback and can be either positive or negative. Giving and receiving feedback is an ongoing process..."

Receiving feedback is quite easy nowadays and (should) happen(s) pretty often. Using social media is one of the fastest and interactive way to keep a dialogue with the public. So don't skip that part. And not only receive it, but also try not to forget to take it into account and react premeditatedly. Because no matter what you do, it will be pointless to do it without hearing and listening to the feedback, without knowing the others' problems and points of view.

Both negative and positive feedback can be useful and helpful. Especially just when you know how to use the information given back.

And now I'm waiting for feedback :)



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