Viral Oil Spill

In order to be creative you need to activate, surprise, scare or provoke already existing associations in people's mind.

And here is one very catchy idea promoting A Cleaner Future and making us wonder what we will leave for the next generations. In the context of the BP oil spill, the agency Mark & Phil (believing in their mantra "Do Good, Create Meaning") in cooperation with the award winning multimedia postproduction house Greener Media (based in New York) created a viral video with the aim to "encourage people to find out more about clean energy sources", Advertising Age writes

The idea is really outstanding. With the aim to provoke people's attention and interest to learn more about an important topic, the viral video shows web pages being contaminated by the thick oil spill. 

It occurred that it is very easy to create your own oil spill. (As it is easy to destroy the nature too). You just go to  and enter a link of a web page where you want to spread some oil and as you can see from the print-screen above - my blog was really "oil-damaged" with the black substance. After you preview your own oil spill and if you are worried about the future of the environment, you may learn more from the website and support the cause by sharing it with friends. 

A Cleaner Future explains that its mission is to "provoke, inspire, and provide information about alternative and renewable energy sources." They say: "We're not experts on what should be done, we're just concerned citizens that want there to be an earth for our children and many future generations to come". More facts and information you can get from here. What's more, you can become a Volunteer, if you consider you can be helpful. 

The results from the viral video up to now: During the first week after the launch of the viral video, 280 000 unique visitors have created almost 500,000 virtual oil spills over different web pages. 

The viral idea works because:
1. It is connected with actual international problem which is currently (and still) in the top news.
2. It is simple, attractive and ironic. (People love irony and sarcasm.) 
3. It is easy to promote the video.
4. Good timing and fast reaction: this viral video is just on time in the context of the world news and raised attention towards the BP oil spill.

I hope that there will be some results measurement tools after a certain period which will evaluate the impact of the viral video and will present its awareness-raising effect in numbers. 


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