4 Ways to Get Inspired

Change is always a good chance to run away from the routine which is exhausting our creativity.

New experience provides new information and impressions which are very fruitful for generating new ideas. 

Recently I have discovered several ways which help me to seek inspiration. 

Here are just several examples which can easily affect your ideas productivity. 

I hope they may work for you too

On the other hand, I will be grateful, if you share some other inspiring activities which can refresh our thinking boxes with new ways of generating creativity. 

1. Change your social environment. Travel, visit new places, small towns or other cities. Interact with variety of different people. You will definitely find out something you haven’t paid attention to it before or something completely new for you. I am amazed how travelling even within your own country can turn into a meeting with something absolutely unknown. 

2. Change the mean of transport you use in your everyday life. Travel by bus or use the underground. Choose different routs everyday. Go on foot or try cycling. By doing this you will pass by different sceneries of the urban life and you may discover something interesting. At least, you can observe different outdoor advertisements, tendencies, people, and views. Whenever I change my rout to the office I am fascinated by something new that I haven’t seen before. 

3. Read something different. Read more about other cultures which are quite distinguishable to your own. The last two books I read are (1) Turkish historical novel and (2) Italian short stories. Well, it was rather new for me and refreshing for my ideas brain-machine :) 
The same rule is valid for magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites we read constantly in our everyday life.

4. And something quite surprising: Spend some time with children. Play with them, interact with them, and watch their actions and reactions. They perceive the world in different perspective. They see it in very various ways than the adults do. Therefore this may be very helpful for creating some interesting ideas. 

I consider these 4 activities may help a lot in those “out-of-inspiration-and-ideas” times when your brain just does not want to function creatively. 

Change is always a good chance to run away from the routine which is exhausting our creativity. Everything unknown, surprising or forgotten can be discovered during the process of experimentation and change. Just be brave, enthusiastic and try it out :) And do not forget to share some useful information here with me.  


  • Ahh you left music out, at least for me, listening to music, be it some old playlist or newly found songs, can be very inspiring, and an effective way to take a break and put your brain on what I like to think as "passive thinking".
    Sometimes I really can see things from a different perspective, I am not sure if it's just me, but I am sure you can easily try it out for yourself.
    My weird mind made me remember this post as soon as I finished reading yours: http://bit.ly/9WGKel

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