Your Heineken

I absolutely agree with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who says: "If you focus on what customers want and build a relationship, they will allow you to make money". In this sense I want to show you a nice way of building a relationship between a brand and its consumers. 

Your Heineken is an option to buy 6 personalized bottles of Heineken which are designed by you. Everybody can create own bottle of beer according to what they like and prefer and may choose between several main categories of bottles design, such as: party, summer, sport, triumph, celebration, etc. You can design your own bottle by changing its color and background and adding a photo or text. 

Personalizing Heineken is a way to interact with the brand and to show your own style. That's what most of its fans are going to like - the opportunity to put your personal signature on the bottle of one of the world's known beer brands.

Heineken marketing people did not forget that selling a product is actually a way of providing a solution to a need. On top of that, people mainly demand products with benefits that add up to the most satisfaction. By branding own and personal bottle of beer, customers will satisfy not only their need for beer consumption, buy also their need for attention, for feeling special and important. What's more, the variety of different Heineken bottle skins shows very good attention to details.   

Heineken really provides an fascinating way of differentiating the brand and creating a personal connection with its customers. The beer bottle is leaving its brand "clothes" off in order to allow the clients to redesign it according their desires, fantasies, likes.  

In addition, Vodka Absolut has also different limited collections of bottles for its biggest fans but Heineken has done even more: Heineken gave the customers the freedom to change the brand, to personalize it and by making it "my own bottle style", clients become friends with it.  

Well done, Heineken! =) 


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