How to Keep Current in PR?

Self-preparation is vital if you aim to be a good PR professional. And nowadays we can learn a lot if we know how to use proper sources of information. 

That's why I want to share with you something very helpful. I found this very useful article summing up the best we can do in order to keep informed in the field of Public Relations. I am sure that if we follow these practices we can obtain fruitful and topical information and knowledge which are of extreme importance for the work of PR specialists. 

According to Barbara Nixon, the author of the article, these 5 good practices are essential for every PR pro and especially for the juniors.  Listen to PR podcasts, subscribe to PR newsletters, follow PR pros on Twitter, read PR blogs, and watch the news on TV if you want to be a real PR professional. Implemented in everyday life, these 5 basic activities will help us to be informed and to stay tuned with news and new global tendencies in the field. 

What's more, I am very impressed by the Twitter Starter Pack Up for PR Students which includes the twitter profiles of important PR pros, bloggers, blogs, podcasts, news agencies, PR organizations, etc. 

In addition, interest and curiosity are leading success factors for the PR people. So be interested and stay informed because information is very powerful resource. 

And last but not least, I add: Think global, act local.


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