Creativity Matters | Creativity Days 2010 with Andy Green

As a woman I worry a lot. That's why I find this so true and so inspiring:
We are all good at worrying and creating different scenarious in negative mood in our minds. This means we are all good in creativology*.  
That was one of the main ideas presented by Andy Green during the Arena of Creativity

Arena of Creativity was a part of a major and very interesting project - Creativity Days which took place for the first time in Sofia, Bulgaria. Creativity Days 2010 is an event dedicated to creativity as a personal skill that can be developed and used in every aspect of one's life. It was organized by Apeiron Communication (a Bulgarian PR agency) and will be continued in 2011 when the Creativity Days 2011 will happen between 15th and 21st of April, 2011.
The special guest and lector of Creativity Days 2010 was Andy Green - a world-leading creative marketing and public relations strategist from the United Kingdom. He spoke very enthusiastically and spread lots of inspiration.

Andy Green explained that creativity equals:

psychology + i marketing + i history = creativity

(where i stands for IDEA)

What's more, he also revealed 5 myths which generally are big obstacles for creativity:
Myth 1: It's about artists
We are all artists in whatever field we work. Do not forget: you and your way of thinking are the biggest enemies of your creativity. 

Myth 2: It's about big ideas
Creativity is not only about big ideas. Therefore it is very very wrong to say "We need a big idea". This way of thinking is unhelpful and usually has just the opposite effect on people. For example, look at the picture above - it just shows a small idea realised in very creative way.

Myth 3: It's about outside the box thinking
There is no such a thing as "outside the box thinking". According to Andy Green there are different boxes - bigger and smaller boxes. When thinking in a bigger way, you see more opportunities. But if there is a completely new and different idea, it just means that it's coming out of a different box. 

Random thinking and jumping thoughts are also very useful when searching for creative ideas and decisions. Just let your thoughts go in different directions. Do not stop them.
Myth 5: It's a luxury
Nonsence. Creativity is a fundamental thinking tool to manage our future. 

Last but not least, Andy Green said something that I just loved and I find it for the perfect end of this post:
Be flexible and ask questions!

*Creativology is the science of creativity.


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