The Magical Classroom

Education, curiousity and creativity are best friends. That's why I loved this video the moment I saw it - it makes me want to go again to school and study with enthusiasm and curiosity... 

This video is pretty successful, interesting, informative, creative and I watched it several times. It is called "The Magical Classroom" and is created and produced by  the Canadian agency Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG (their website is soooo good). That's why I recommend it. Just watch it to see how the world around us can be explained to the children. Don't forget that practical studying provokes our curiousity and is always more sucessful than rough theory. And what's more, it is always better to learn while playing.

The video popularizes the SMART Board - an interactive whiteboard which works with a computer and is controlled by a touch screen. You can find out more about this educational product by clicking here.


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