The Art of Direct Marketing

I was amused by an effective way of promoting a new fragrance. 

Just in time for the summer, Calvin Klein  presented creatively the new men's fragrance "Eternity Aqua" to the British customers. 

And what did from Calvin Klein do?

They produced small stylish bottles of mineral water and put on them stickers with the name of the perfume. What's more - they added "scratch and sniff" option to the bottle's sticker. And these bottles were distributed by promoters to the London's citizens. CK got extra gains because the days of the promotions were really hot so everybody was grateful to receive a bottle of cool water. 

When I think about it - if you produce a perfume called "Aqua", it is absolutely logical to associate it with mineral water and as a result to distribute mineral water. But still the whole idea is striking and new for the customers which is a guarantee to attract their attention.

In addition, the necessity of water can be compared with the necessity of a nice perfume... :)


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